Interior Venue Lighting

A blank canvas or a room filled with stunning features, light your event from the inside out let us set the scene for your next event

When you have a limited time to capture guest’s attention and require a high impact effect, lighting can often be the most dramatic yet simplest method. Typically receptions last no more than a couple of hours and are often held in an ancillary room to the main event. Experiment from simple touches such as colouring existing room lights to more complex mood settings.

Take a simple whitewashed room with a bright white open space to an underwater intimate and ambient space. Lightingis effective for so many reasons. We can highlight menu boards and divide spaces as well as send your guests on a journey simply by projecting light in broken patterns across walls and floors. With the right creative and lighting designer, your event can be transformed and cleverlychange the space throughout the event.

This is anamazing venue and the architecture lends itself brilliantlyto creative lighting. With this particular venue, there are no rigging points available so all lighting has to be floor mounted. The high ceilings and decorative ceilings make colour and projection a lot of fun in this space. At this event, the alter became the stage and dance floor and our design team created an awesome set up for the rock band.

Not forgetting the band and stage lighting, we can set up pre-sets for your band for the evening on custom stage rigging or venue rigging points, there are more complex options available and we can provide a lightingtechnician to operate the lighting for the band and performers throughout the event. Whatever yourrequirements, we are confident that we can light your event so it stands out from the rest.

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“Firstly thank you so much for all your hard work – I was really happy with the outcome and the event went really well.
I will have a think regarding the feedback and place together a well-versed email! One email! 🙂
It was so lovely to work with you and I hope we are able to use you guys again! I was very impressed with the amount of skills you have!”

Kelly Blackshaw, Bloomberg, London

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