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With the coming of age of the only male child in the family, we were challenged with designing and creating the Bart mitzvah that would be the event of a lifetime. Our client briefed us on building the event around a breakdance routine that he had been working on and would be performing on the night. The space was to accommodate 400 guests seated for dinner and dancing. We were to style the interior of the venue and stage it for a cool, urban theme that would immerse adults and children in the experience of the evening.



The process started with creating mood boards and preparing a number of design solutions in response to the brief to pitch to the client. We then worked closely with the client to agree the final proposal drawing up budgets and discussing each strand of the event in detail. Once we felt we had achieved a true understanding of the client’s expectations, we had some event visuals sketched up and continued to work closely with the client assisting and providing support wherever required. Once a venue had been agreed on we carried out site assessments and worked with the venue to achieve the client’s vision.


The Royal Lancaster Hotel Ballroom became “Simon’s” Club for the evening. Guests where met at the entrance by Simon’s very own door-man (actors briefed to play the part and only let in the coolest kids!). A silver foil balloon arch brought guests through into the reception room for canapés and drinks served from the ice bar.
From the reception room, Simon’s heavy’s (actors) called guests through for dinner and dancing with a little drama to enhance the experience, some of the VIP’s where refused…..temporarily.   Peachy designed the space with modern, clean and reflective surfaces and the scene was set for Simon’s grande entrance. We projected footage on paper flats of a silhouette figure running from distance and as it got closer, Simon burst through the paper with his crew to perform his routine. With each element of the event planned and scheduled to the very last detail, the event went without a hitch and the clients’ expectations were exceeded
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“Just wanted to touch base and say thank you from me for everyones efforts with POTY.  It was a challenge with a huge time pressure but was really well executed on the day.
We have had lots of positive feedback about the event and personally I think it was one of the best POTYs I have seen and organised.”

Joanne Hunter, General Manager, Under The Bridge

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