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Mike Fabian from Freehand UK contacted Peachy Productions at the beginning of September 2017 for a quotation to supply and install some projectors and a truss structure in London at one of the Pop up event venues, NoHo Studios

Peachy Productions put together a quotation and sent it through, this was accepted on the basis that they could come through and test the viability of the projection onto the material the client had requested for the display.



Once the team from Freehand UK came through to do the initial tests, everything looked good and a site visit was arranged.

After the site visit it was decided the the truss structure initially quoted was not going to be suitable as the height restrictions in the studio would not allow for this and the effect would be lost.

A solution of rigging scaff poles to the ceiling was approved and after some additional requirements, sound and uplighters, the amended quotation was accepted and confirmed.



On the day of the installation, Peachy Productions arrived on site for 06:00 to begin setup. There was a delay to setup start, due to confusion with the venue and not being able to gain access until 07:30 but once inside the venue it was decided to start with the projectors and rigging system. Working in conjunction with Freehand UK to get everything in place, the projectors were rigged, power supplied and speakers for some background music installed.

Lastly, some strategically placed uplighters to highlight the corners of the room were positioned. Once everything was in place a thorough testing with Freehand UK and later the Final client was done to ensure that all parties were satisfied with the results of the effect.

The setup took a total of 3 hours to complete.

“Hi Tom & Philip,
Quick note to say everything was fab!! (have a look on instagram #theprendals for lots of glitter pics!)
The dance floor was absolutely perfect! – I’ll send you some photos when I get them.
Alex was great, and a real pleasure to have in the building.
Thanks for everything and looking forward to working with you again.”

Maura O'Keeffe, Lismore Castle

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