Jagermeister's JagerHaus

Sector: Lighting, Sound, Set design, Staging, Power, Bespoke Temporary Structure



To design and build the unearthed “JägerHaus”, a pop-up venue that would need to travel around the country to a number of festivals over a 4-year period. The design and branding allowed festivalgoers to learn and discover specific qualities of the Jägermeister product. Arranged to incorporate, a stage hosting live music, bars serving Jägermeister based cocktails, a VIP area and an outdoor chill zone.

The look needed to suggest that the structure had risen from the earth and needed to be flexible enough in its construction to cope with a wide variety of surfaces and terrains.



Working closely with the marketing agency FRUKT, we manufactured a bespoke double-decker marquee with bar and VIP area on one side and a warehouse space for the live music on the other. External Distressed wooden panels were manufactured to disguise structure from the public both front and back and the interior was fitted out in custom-made panelling to create a unique and immersive experience complete with secret passageways, scented haze and 3-D stag tunnel.

A multi-zoned sound system was designed to allow the client the flexibility to broadcast a single source such as the DJ, throughout the Haus or to switch the sound into 4 separate autonomous systems. The system was designed around a range of d&b old school systems including Q tops and subs, E6’s and B2’s all powered by D20 and D12 amps and controlled through a Rio rack on a Yamaha QL5.

To bring the structure to life we used a combination of spot, wash and moving head lights. For the front, a general wash was created using Miltec City Wash. The front façade textured by Miltec Batten 2 IP’s. Internally a variety of LED spot and wash lights were used to enhance panels and features. To Create depth, atmosphere and movement to the main stage and warehouse we combined flown and static fixtures which included Robe 100’s, Robe Pointe’s and Prolight studio cobs. For external movement, we went old school and used Clay Paky mini scans housed in custom “bird boxes” along with Miltec Battens R715 and Prolight IP65 Miltec Pars.



Three seasons, 13 festivals, 800,000 visitors, the JägerHaus is one of Jägermeister’s most successful marketing activations, reaching some 2.3m social media users in 2017. Winner of numerous awards including Best Brand Activation at the Festival Awards 2017.

An incredibly popular feature on the festival scene, the JägerHaus has become a destination for festival goers and is viewed by festival organisers as an independent stage and a highly desirable addition to the festival mix.

Operating from midday to as late as 3am on some sites, and hosting up and coming talent who have since become Radio 1 featured artists and chart names, (with one band going on to support the Foo Fighters on tour starting at the O2 Arena) Peachy are very proud to be part of this success story.

Hi gang!

Thought I’d just send a wee THANK YOU email while I wrap this all up for another year.

As we all are well aware, this year has been a challenge – the mud, the wind, the rain came at us at full pelt + mercilessly at times! BUT did we let this stop us?! NO! The Jägerhaus stood its ground and that’s all thanks to the team who build it + run it – YOU LOVELY LOT!

Think we’ve had some mental figures for only 3 events this year – with around 50k+ through the activation this year + something bonkers like 700 artists perform – here’s a reminder of what the Kendal Calling promoter had to say about it all too:

“Jagerhaus is, and I’ll choose my words carefully, an annoyingly good activation. Not only does it look aesthetically brilliant, and perfect for our site, but the thought that goes into the programming is top notch. Far too many are the times that bands we can’t book for our stages somehow seem to get booked for the Jagerhaus – are we not cool enough?! Kendal Calling has over 18 stages, but if it were to be distilled down to one then that would have the appearance and content of the Jagerhaus – it couldn’t be any more complimentary and befitting to the festival and we hope & believe that synergy goes both ways.

The team behind it are a pleasure to work with, know their stuff and work very well with the wider team – the lines between activation and part of the core festival are blurring more and more”.

Its something we should all be really proud of, as its a beast of a project + one that is really making waves in the industry.”

Sarah Weeks, Senior Producer– Frukt

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