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Team Peachy are delighted to announce that we have become a member of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) the UK’s leading outdoor events association.




The specialist NOEA ‘club’ is made up of some 400 members and was established over 40 years ago, dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the outdoor events industry. At Peachy we like to invest in valuable networks and leading associations to maintain our forward-thinking approach. Earning this new badge means we can continue to make every effort to stay ahead of industry best practice and improve the services we offer to our clients.

It’s this time of year we fully embrace the buzz, vibrancy and the ever-changing pace that large-scale outdoor events bring (the first truck of the festival season left the warehouse at 5am today!). Across countless events, we have learned that challenges can always arise but our expertise and versatility enables us to overcome issues efficiently and deploy the ultimate experience.

Unfortunately, gaining magic weather powers didn’t form part of the membership ‘perks’!



People at festival outside the Jager Haus

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